Presented by Pip

Presented By Pip produces a wide and unique range of communication services and creative skills to enhance and position your business products and services.

Presented By Pip offers a point of difference with two separate businesses rolled into one - a fully integrated communications, media and digital agency with the extension of Pip’s creative work as a journalist, writer, radio and podcast presenter and photographer. Our lateral services across the communications sector also incorporate more services than the normal marketing and public relations campaigns.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and passion across a multitude of sectors from small businesses to large corporates. We know it is important to identify the best possible outcomes through our strategic planning and precision in implementing a cross section of communication skills that pinpoints your target market.  Our research is vitally important to produce these outcomes - we go beyond the scope of normal research to gain a better understanding therefore, a better result for you, our client.

Founder of Presented By Pip, Pip Orr, wears many hats across a diverse range of communication and marketing areas helping many clients to establish and enhance their image, brands and contributes her creative energies to radio, writing and photography. Pip’s career in the media and communications/PR sector covers a multitude of industries over a period of 35 years including her work as a journalist across print and radio and her passion and expertise in photography.