Millthorpe Village

Garden Culture

Millthorpe is renowned for its streetscape planting especially in spring when the Bechtel (malus Ioensis) crab apple, produces its stunning pinkish red bud then flowers.

All over the village and surrounding countryside the variation in seasonal colour is striking. Visitors often take home cuttings of the wild valerian that grows in cracks and crannies along Pym Street.

Autumn shows multi coloured trees of yellows, reds, oranges, greens and tans. Foraging along country roadsides for fruit in autumn and summer is a favourite pastime for those who are on the lookout for random crops!

In Spring, bulbs thrive among blossoming deciduous trees and in Summer roses are abundant in many gardens. As it is a cold to temperate climate, growing is easy as long as plants are selected to withstand frosts and occasional snow falls.

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